SWF Thought of the Day: "Screenwriters' Festival 2009 was the biggest and best yet! Let's do it again sometime!" So say we all!
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Public Events;

All public events will take place in the Princess Hall, The Cheltenham Ladies’ College and is accessible from the Montpelier Street entrance NOT the college main reception…

Monday 26th October - Armando Iannucci's Funny Bits
Tuesday 27th October - Catherine Johnson/Phyllida Lloyd's Musical Moments
Wednesday 28th October - Bafta/Rocliffe New Writing Forum with special guest
Thursday 29th October - Steven Moffat's Dr. Who

Tickets are £15 each to pre-book (apart from Bafta/Rocliffe which are TBC) or £20 on the door on the night, (so it’s best to purchase now). Available from Box Office (Cheltenham Town Hall) on 0844 576 2210 or www.cheltenhamtownhall.org.uk and Cheltenham Tourism on 01242 522 878 or info@cheltenham.gov.uk

Full Festival Tickets;

» BOOK - 2 Day Ticket - Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October 2009, £246.00

» BOOK - 2 Day Ticket - Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th October 2009, £246.00

» BOOK - 4 Day Ticket - Monday 26th to Thursday 29th October 2009, £389.00

There are Group 10 Discounts still available. If you can gather together 9 or more mates/friends/complete strangers/facebookers/twitterers you will be able to get a further discount. For further information please e-mail kenny.macdonald@screenwritersfestival.com and ask about our Group 10 Discounts.

As a full festival ticket buyer, for both 2 and 4 day tickets, the public events are part of your purchase.


Screenwriters' Festival Ltd is a not for profit company

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Frequently A'r'sked Questions.....

Q: Why has the festival suddenly moved from July to October and why has it moved from the Manor by the Lake to The Cheltenham Ladies' College?
A: Good question.  The Festival is continually developing and growing.  The amount of attendees we could get at the Manor by the Lake was capped and we are hoping to have more public events in the evenings.  The Cheltenham Ladies' College is not only in the centre of Cheltenham, but their Princess Hall can hold 850, and we can have bigger public events.

Q: But it is on the half-term holiday, why then?
A: We have previously been asked by others to make the Festival happen during holidays times as they would  find it easier. What is good for one person is not for another. Also it is not half term universally.

Q: I'm not sure which two day ticket to buy, what happens if I buy a ticket for Monday/Tuesday but then decide to go to Thursday/Friday?
A: As we are currently assembling our knockout programme for next year, we completely understand that you may change your mind.  You have until Friday 31st July 2009 to change your ticket without any further cost.  This of course only applies to swapping the two-day tickets.

Q: I've bought a two day but I want to upgrade to a four day, how do I do that?
A: You will simply have to buy another two day ticket at either the Early Bird or Standard cost.

Q: When will the Early Bird tickets stop?
A: We do have a specific amount of Early Birds and a cut-off date of Thursday 30th April 2009, whichever comes first.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you have purchased a ticket and need to cancel you can get a full refund up until 30 days prior the Festival, which gives you until Friday 25th September 2009 to tell us, after that we cannot make refunds.  Any refunds will be paid after the festival.  Alternatively if you can find someone to replace you, we can change the name on the ticket.

Q. How can I be kept up to date?
A. We advise you to go to the website and sign up for the e-bulletin, which will keep you up to date with the ongoing programme development.

Q. When will the programme be available to view?
A. Our website has a live up-to-date programme that should be online around the end of June.

Q. Why haven’t you included accommodation and food in the ticket price?
A. Individual needs for accommodation vary widely from humble bed and breakfasts to smart country hotels. We believe it's best for delegates to make their own choices. In addition, the Screenwriters’ Festival is a not-for-profit organisation and we aim to keep the entry prices as low as we can. Information about accommodation can be found on our web page or by following this link - accommodation.  We have, and will for this year, speak to Hotels and B&B's to try and get a lower rate for our Delegates, like we did last year.

Q. I'm not working, how can I afford this?
A. Local screen agencies, such as South West Screen, Film London, Scottish Screen, and other organisations e.g. Skillset, often have grants and bursaries available to anyone in their catchment area for support to attend events like the Screenwriters’ Festival.  For a full list of Screen Agencies and Funding Bodies click here.  Act now and encourage support to attend SWF.

Q. Will I get to meet any agents or producers?
A. Yes, we will have more agents and producers around than you can shake a stick at. During the three days we are arranging various agent and producer "meet the writer sessions".

Q. Am I able to sell my script or get development money for it through the Festival?
A. Who knows?! As we've said before, we are getting agents and developers to Festival. If you are able to get a deal from them, then that is fantastic; it is one of the reasons the Festival was set up. However we cannot guarantee any deals, development money offers, options or sales. A lot of people last year came prepared and were able to get their ideas and scripts optioned. Two of our Pitching competition winners have had their ideas optioned and are in the process of either first drafts or rewrites. Writers from the Scriptmarket who were looking for agents have since been signed up by some of the agencies involved.

Q. I'm a student, is there a discount?
A. For individual students, no, but for parties of 10 or more from accredited film and television courses there is a discount - details on application.

Q. How do I get to the Festival?
A. If you go to our Accommodation and Travel page on our website, you will find all the information about travelling to Cheltenham and accommodation information.

Q. Will there be a Delegate list on arrival?
A. The online Delegate list will automatically update as Delegates sign up and will only show the information each Delegate wishes to show.