SWF Thought of the Day: "Screenwriters' Festival 2009 was the biggest and best yet! Let's do it again sometime!" So say we all!
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Screenwriters' Festival Bafta Launch
Thursday 11th June 2009

Launch 11/06/09 Update: For those who were not there here are all three parts of the talk from award winning screenwriter and playwright Christopher Hampton about which of his many scripts never got made. 

Christopher Hampton: The Ones that Got Away...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Launch Overview

Thursday the 11th of June 2009 was a very busy day for the SWF Team, not only did we have the Launch in the evening, we also had a full-on Scriptmarket Market Ready workshop at the BBC during the day, so here is an overview of the day including the Scriptmarket and the launch.


Screenwriters' Festival 2009 is now well and truly Launched.  On the evening of Thursday 11th June, a host of discerning industry guests (including  BAFTA-nominated screen actress Ruth Wilson, incoming Doctor Who Matt Smith and screen legend Susannah York) braved the challenges of the barmy Tube strike to attend a splendid selection of sessions culminating in a presentation by Oscar and BAFTA-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton.

Award winning screenwriter and playwright Christopher Hampton, Atonement chats with actress Ruth Wilson, Jane Eyre, Festival Director David Pearson and actor Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who. 


This year's most exciting additon to the Festival's raft of competitions and schemes is discussed with some of the finalists who have made the seelction and already attended a workshop (earlier that very day).

The Secret Agents...

Literary agents Rob Kraitt, A. P. Watt Ltd, and Matthew Bates, Sayle Screen, discuss the Market Forces that govern which projects and Writers are most likely to make progress at any given time...

Christopher Hampton - 'The Ones That Got Away'.

Christopher Hampton, Cheri, Atonement and Dangerous Liaisons, offers guests an opportunity to consider the projects he's worked on which, for one reason or another, were never ultimately made.  Video blog and further details will follow...

Festival Director David Pearson and Chair of the SWF Board/Producer Kevin Loader, The History Boys, Venus, pictured with screenwriter and board member Olivia Hetreed, Girl with a Pearl Earring.