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As new Writers gradually come to realise (after years of struggle), in the Film and Television industries talent is only part of the equation.  To really make progress you have to make inspired entries not just in your note-book but also in your address book.  You need to hone not just your creative faculties, but also your social faculties!  This can be quite a big 'ask' for people who tend to spend large amounts of time shut away in a room by themselves with nothing but a word processor and packet of Jaffa Cakes for company.  Nevertheless, networking is something that every writer must get to grips with if they're to stand any realistic chance of making a living and each year we strive to make the experience not just easy but, in a relaxed, informal and picturesque setting, a pleasure!

 Networking @ SWF

Scriptbites & Networking Sessions 

The Screenwriters' Festival has rapidly established itself as one of the major networking events of the year for new and established talent in the Film and Television industries.  We're keen to uphold that reputation and each year we do all that we can to make the networking process that much more effective for our delegates.   


At the 2007 SWF we ran an initiative dubbed 'Scriptbites', a regular slot scheduled at least three times each day.  Each session was different and offered delegates the opportunity for small-scale, low-key discussions with one of our guest speakers!  It was, rather unsurprisingly, a huge success and the enthusiastic feedback we received meant that retaining it as part of this year's programme was a bit of a 'no-brainer!'  Expect to be sitting at a table with some key movers and shakers from our guest line-up come July.

Facilitated Networking Sessions


This year we're pushing the networking angle a little further still.  We think that a good way to nudge you shy, retiring, genius folk along and get you talking (and ideally to the right people) is to schedule into the programme windows of time specifically devoted to it.  And to assign specific themes to those sessions to make it that much more focussed and efficient.  These facilitated networking sessions will come in a variety of flavours, among them:

  • 10 Minutes with a Producer
  • Meet a Script Editor
  • Looking for a Team Writer
  • Find a Reader / Feedback Buddy