SWF Thought of the Day: "Screenwriters' Festival 2009 was the biggest and best yet! Let's do it again sometime!" So say we all!
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Workshop Videos and Interviews

For those who were not able to be at the Workshop on Thursday 11th June, here are some soundbites from five of the finalists and a talk from a Sales Agent.


Five of the lucky few whose projects have been selected for this year's SWF Script Market discuss their projects, the workshop day in June and what they hope to get out of the Festival in October.

Hilary Handel - Being Lola
Ruth Symes - Witching
Tim Clague - Circumference
Emily Lasalle - Truth Lies Within
Tammy Riley Smith - Obssessive Compulsive

Will Machin, Head of Sales at Ealing Studios, passes on some tips to participants in this year's SWF Script Market.

Scriptmarket update 16/06/09

Firstly we would like to thank all of our speakers who gave up their precious time to come and talk to our Delegates, who also gave up THEIR precious time to travel to London and take part in our little Market Ready workshop. 

On Thursday 11th June from 9.00am to 5.00pm at the BBC's Henry Wood House in London 26 of the 30 finalists were given a full day workshop in pitching and marketing with the aim of identifying who they will meet up with at the Festival to discuss their spec scripts. 

Everyone who attended were given a 10 minute chat with the Selection panel which was to help identify where they thought and felt the script was heading and who would be able to benefit the writer and the project.

While the interviews were going on Festival Director and Producer David Pearson had the rest pitching their ideas to each other getting their partners to pitch it back to them.  A very good way to see if someone 'gets' your pitch.

After lunch Paul Ashton from the BBC Writersroom spoke about pitching and how to sellm yourself in your ideas.

Paul was followed by sales agent Will Machin and told about the intricacies of what he does and what he needs from a writer to help sell their movie/script/idea.

Finally Jon Croker, Talent Developer for the UKL Film Council, spoke about what the UKFC are looking for in new talent and projects.

Was the day any help?  Well, here are some of the reactions from the Delegates who came..

"Great to have met everyone on Thursday, I found the pitching excercise in particular and the whole day in general to be very helpful." - Stuart Henderson

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your work organising last Thursday's ScriptMarket training day. I do appreciate all the time and effort involved hugely, and really enjoyed the day." - Joan Beveridge

"The Scriptmarket Day was fantastic - thank you" - Ruth Symes

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great day on Thursday" - Tammy Riley-Smith 

"It really was a very well organized day with fantastic industry speakers. I do appreciate all your efforts in making this happen!" - Kristina Jilly

With positive quotes like that, we might have another one soon.

Scriptmarket update 13/05/09

As you may, or may not, be aware the Scriptmarket has now closed it's doors for another year.  We got quite a lot of entries for the 30 places and those 30 writers/projects have been chosen.

On Monday 11th May 2009 our selection panel met up at BBC Television Centre to go through each of the 45 entries, discussing the merits of each logline and synopsis before coming to a decision for 30 Finalists..

Our Selection Panel in full selection mode; from left to right, Simon van der Borgh, screenwriter In Tranzit, lecturer and script consultant for Kidulthood, I Know You Now and Larman Register; David Pearson, producer Arturi Films and Director of the Screenwriters' Festival; Paul Ashton, BBC's Writers Room; Jo Tracey, producer/script editor who has worked with the likes of The UK Film Council, Civilian Content and Working Title Films; Yasmin McDonald, Agent, AP Watt and Ed Wethered, Development Executive, BBC Films.

The thirty finalists are: Khalid Shamis Chilli Chilli Bang Bang - Tim Clague Circumference - Nick Gillott 31.05.42 - Steve Turnbull Monsters - Jane Payne Moon Eyes - David McCrea London Calling - Tammy Riley-Smith Obsessive Compulsive - Helen Bang Hunt Royal - Alasdair Jarvie Going Straight - Robin Eveleigh Summit Fever - Philippa Langley The Farmer - Grietje Lolita Fortuin A Fatal Cure - James DeMarco Shoot The Bride - Ruth Symes Witching - Joan Beveridge Cold Fury - Kristina Jilly DracLand - Maria Morancho The Trowman's Last Trip - Hilary Hadley Wright Hysterical: A Short History of the Vibrator - Gary Sharp The Wrath of Gran - Paul Valnay Man#1 - Julia Andersen You, Again - Liz Holliday The Last Sunrise - Sundae Jahant-Osborn Killing Johnnie - Nicola Kelly Ana - Nick Hennegan George's Dimension Seven - Matthew Roche One Night in November - Stuart Nimmo/Henderson Lock In - Gwenhyver Davies Crooked Arrows - Emily Lassalle Truth Lies Within - Hilary Handel Being Lola

All 30 have been invited to a special workshop that will happen in London on Thursday 11th June where they will talk with the selection panel about what the best direction for their script is and who they will eventually meet with at the Festival in October.

Script Library...

As we've said in the rules and regulations as well as the application form we are opening our Script Library where every Delegate who has purchased a ticket will be able to view, if you have given us permission to do so, your logline, synopsis and your scripts' first 10 pages.  If a Delegate does want to read your full script, it will be up to them to then contact you directly to request the full script.

The Library will have everyone who has entered the Scriptmarket, if they have given permission for us to do so, but it is also for any other Delegate who wants to have up to five of their scripts in the Library.

The Script Library is scheduled to open it's crusty doors at the end of July, maybe sooner.